Revamps & Upgrades

Revamp of a Hyper 浙江快乐12
Revamp of a Hyper 浙江快乐12

Changing Requirements – Superior Solutions

Decades of expert knowledge in a wide range of compressor applications enable us to provide:

  • Comprehensive expertise
  • Profound review of the requirements
  • Thorough planning including proficient feasibility studies

Our dedicated team approaches every revamp project with the support of our in-house experts for design and manufacturing of new compressors. We incorporate up-to-date technologies where appropriate and provide a guarantee on our solutions.



Relocation of a Laby庐 浙江快乐12
Relocation of a Laby庐 浙江快乐12

Engineering & Revamp Projects

We make sure your compressor meets the latest requirements guaranteed. Profit from well-defined action plans for superior solutions.

  • Revamp
  • Modernization
  • Retrofit/reverse engineering
  • Relocation
  • Replacement
  • Turn-key Project

See our brochure for more information and sample cases.



  • Comprehensive requirements review and project planning
  • Efficient execution 鈥 professional project Management
  • On schedule project finalization

Time lapse movie of a compressor overhaul

Comprehensive overhaul of a vertical Process Gas 浙江快乐12 at a chlorine plant. Watch our Service Center team in action.